The photographic series Life Between Steps  won a special mention in the South American Contest "FotoMigration: Migration through Other Lenses", organized by the IOM Regional Office for South America. Its author is Esteban Lara Valencia.

Life between Steps

Between forests, mountains and the extent of the transition from town to city is Guarne, one of the municipalities making up the department of Antioquia, Colombia. James Rotich, a Kenyan athlete born in Eldoret, a city where great athletes are born, lives there.  
At an early age, James decided to leave his home town and travel around the world with the aim of training and competing in different countries as an endurance athlete in the modality known as long-distance racing.  


Guarne, Colombia, November 24th, 2021. James Rotich is training on the mountain, going up and down a 200 m segment in one of the steepest parts of the area of La Brizuela.
Guarne, Colombia, November 24th, 2021. Training is over. James is going down the mountain with a faint smile, beads of sweat and rain drops on his face.
Guarne, Colombia, November 23rd, 2021. Mountains near the town centre.
Guarne, Colombia, November 24th, 2021. James is recovering after going down the mountain.
Guarne, Colombia, November 29th, 2021. Aerial image of the running track of the Guarne Sports Unit. James is stretching his leg as part of his stretching routine.
Guarne, Colombia, November 29th, 2021. Not even the rain can stop the training session. James’s reflection on a small puddle on the track before starting to jog.

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